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Safety and Security Film


Guard yourself against vandalism and theft.

Window Tinting Sarasota utilizes film that is very versatile and useful, and it can be applied directly to the windows in your own home.

The purpose behind our safety and security film, beyond the fact that it helps with insulation in the winter and blocks the harmful UV rays of the sun during the summer, is that it builds a solid steal around your window.

The materials used in our safety and security films are very strong and binding, and makes it incredibly difficult for burglars to break down your windows.

That’s also not to mention that our safety and security films are also very difficult to detect. That means that they will not detract from the look of your home or will not be noticeable by anyone else.

Safety and security film can therefore be one of the best investments that you can make to protect your home and property from break-ins, vandalism, and accidents. It’s a far more attractive choice than instead having to manually install bars behind your windows for instance; as effective as these would be at stopping burglars, they would also give your home more of an undesirable prison look.

Our safety and security window films works by preventing the glass form shattering. This means that when your window is struck by a rock or another hard object, it will be very difficult for it to break.

Does our safety and security film make your windows completely and utterly invincible? No, but they will substantially increase their durability. If any burglar tries to break in and finds that they are having a much more difficult time at breaking through your window thanks to our safety and security film, the hope is that they will move onto another house and leave yours alone.

Furthermore, if you are home during the attempted burglary and you hear the burglar trying to smash down your windows, you can take action and call the police.

Our safety and security film is best used in conjunction with other home defense systems, such as heavy duty doors with stronger locks and hinges, and a home alert system as well.

One final benefit to our safety and security film is the fact that they do not at all impede your vision when you look outside through them. Many other security films will darken the image that you see outside, but that is not the case with our films.

It’s also important that you hire our employees to install the protective film, because this is not something that can be done as a DIY project. Our technicians can have the film installed in less than one day, and can even do it over existing window glazes. Contact us today!

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