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Marine Window Tinting

An example of a boat with it's windows tinted to make cooling the interior more efficient.

Increase the privacy and efficiency of your yacht.

One of the best ways that you can improve the energy efficiency and privacy of your boat or other marine vessel is to have the windows tinted. Doing so will make the interior of your boat more cool and comfortable, and it also makes the glass much safer and more resilient against the elements of the sea.

At Window Tinting Sarasota, we will add a permanent barrier to your window to protect the interior from the destructive effects of the sun. Yes, the sun is certainly warm and welcoming, and being out in during the weekend it after a long week of work will be very relaxing.

But at the same time, the UV rays from the sun can also cause severe fading and discoloration towards the furniture of your boat. If you have a luxury or high-end vessel in particular, replacing the furniture can be a major expense.

Tinting your windows will help to protect the vinyl, leather, carpets, and seats within your boat.

Furthermore, the window tinting will help keep the heat created by the sun outside of your vessel, so you will not be needing to run your AC system nearly as much as you may have thought you would. In fact, our window tinting services can lower the heat by up to 70% in your boat, so you will really be able to cool off.

That’s also not to mention that the UV rays can have a negative effect on your skin. UV-A and UV-B rays, in particular, can put your skin at risk of sun damage and potentially even skin cancer. While you may seek to go under your boat for refuge after spending a day outside, the truth is that the sun can still hurt your skin when it shines through the windows.

Fortunately, our window tinting products will ensure that literally 99% of the sun’s UV rays will not penetrate through your windows. This is an excellent way to lower your risk of skin damage from the sun when out on your boat in the sea.

Finally, the last major benefit to window tinting is that it protects your privacy. When you have your boat docked and you just want to relax inside, you can do so with the knowledge that other people walking around on the dock outside will not be able to peek in and see what you’re doing.

In short, if you need an extra barrier to protect the interior of your boat from the sun while also giving you added privacy (and while not reducing your vision when looking outside of your windows), adding window tinting or film to your boat windows will be a very wise move to make.

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